Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rockin' Style

Last blog, I talked about how much of a dork/nerd/geek I am. Well, I am also as much of a rock wanna be as any 26 year old can properly pull off, while still being a functional member of society. So, this blog is showcasing all of the things that I think fit that wanna be (or real) rocker attitude.

For those about to rock, I salute you.


Rock On Dog Tag/Cat ID by BowWowzerZ
I am absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, buying these for my two dogs. BowOwozerZ - you rock my world with your kick assery.

Guitar Pick Necklace by Peculiar Forest. This is the least immature / ridiculous guitar pick necklace I've seen. Which is a huge compliment. I think this is an amazing piece.

Copper Guitar by TheVicaGirl. Though I think you do have to be irregularly badass to pull these off, they are totally rockawesome. I dig them.

Rock On, Baby:

Rocker Skull and Crossbones Bib by MyUrbanBabyOutfitter. If ever I have another baby (AHHHHHHH), he/she will definitely be rockin' this bib.

Skull and Crossbones Hat by Blessed2009. One Word: Rockawesome.[]=tags&includes[]=title

The Beatles We All Live in a Yellow Submarine by LittlePatriot. Though the song may not be one of my personal Beatles favorites (it's infact one of my least faves), the onesie still rocks in spirit.[]=tags&includes[]=title

Everything Else:

Purple Pink Sparkling Dichroic Glass and Sterling by JoyousWorld. Though I personally don't wear rings just for the hell of it, this one is amazing. I'm sure some people would dress up and wear this in a true girlie stlye...but I think it would look awesome on a hand strumming a guitar.

Strangely Sexy Origami Suit Custom by CuriouslyAlice. This is one of those things that I would never in a million years have the confidence to wear, much less a place to wear it. However, I drool over it every time I look at it.

A huge thanks to all who inspired me to blog about their rockin' style. I feel like a true rocker would be daring enough to leave the apostrophe off of the end of "rockin'" - yet I am not so daring. So again, I salute my own wanna be rocker self.

I'm going to, for once, include one of my own pieces in here. Shameless self promotion....perhaps :)

Vintage Necktie Wrist Cuff by DreamingTreeJewelry. I don't know why out of all of my cuffs I chose this one to represent myself in my own rocker blog. Something about this just says you must be at least semi-badass to wear....

Good Night All,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mad Props to the Geekery (who says "mad props" - me apparently) -

Tonight, as I'm sitting in front of my computer, my husband lays on our bed playing Pokemon on his DS. Earlier in the day, I found myself watching Chowder on Cartoon Network while there were no kids around. Most of my nights are filled with playing Rock Band with the family, and my days are spent designing websites. So, I feel safe claim that I (and my entire family) am a nerd, dork and geek all wrapped into one....and I love it.

With that in mind, I dedicate this blog post to all of the hilarious, odd, ingenious and dynamic artists in the geekery.

Toys and Oddities:

Fang the Greeble Plush by CookieMonzter

2GB Flash Drive / Candy Dispenser by dhhdesign

Monster Magnet Set by IheartX

Zombie Robot by SleepyRobot13


Pin Up Girl Finishing Touch by DovelySwells

Fast Zombies by ZombieToes

Vinyl Wall Art Decor - SPACE INVADERS decals by MWallCo

Clothing and Accessories:

Squid vs Swimmer by Deviating

Little LEGO Stud Earrings by Gr0glmann

Strawberry Pop Tart Necklace by FakeryBakery2

I encourage everyone, even, to really check out the items I've posted and the artists that I have featured. Everyone here is so talented and original.

Good night and happy geeking!
Dreaming Tree Jewelry

Monday, May 10, 2010

First Post - Kick Ass Stuff on Etsy
Since my blog is going to feature artisans on Etsy, I feel that I should start it off by just fully jumping off the diving board.
I will be featuring unique, beautiful, incredible, weird, rockawesome stuff that I've found on Etsy.

By HJM Art Gallery -

By Noelle TessRousseau -

By DrStrychnine -

By Starry Eyed Bowtique -

By Tragedies and Cheesecake -

By Linda Linda -

By Glamarita -

By Handmade with Nature -

I encourage you to check out these items and even buy one! They are so unique and the artists give so much to make these items.